Smart Occupancy

SmartOccupancy automatically tracks the number of people inside your facility at all times.  Video monitors and optionally integrated automatic doors or gates manage customer and employee traffic into your building while you and your staff keep an eye on activity from office computers or mobile devices.



Real-Time Occupancy Counts

Checkpoint’s SmartOccupancy solution gives retailers real-time visibility of occupancy levels in their store. For stores that have imposed occupancy limits, SmartOccupancy helps store associates or security guards make decisions based on live data.  Displays at your facility's entrance guides patrons and employees entry independantly of your staff.

Accuracy & Analytics

SmartOccupancy uses a combination of the most accurate overhead people counting sensor in its range, Visiplus 3D, with our cloud based software portal HALO.

Trend analysis in the cloud helps Head office or Regional Managers:

      • Analyze daily/weekly occupancy levels in stores across their region
      • Monitor store compliance to maintain the threshold set
      • Amend threshold limits



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