Electronic Article Surveillance: Myths and Realities

Electronic article surveillance (EAS) technology can play a key part in increasing sales, profits and customer loyalty, but myths about EAS abound. Check out this Progressive Grocer article by Dan Reynolds of Checkpoint Systems.

5 Tips for Improved Fresh Food Counter Profitability

Anti-theft technology can be used safely on fresh produce to make shoplifters and employees think twice before stealing. Read this article by Progressive Grocer for tips on fresh food security.

National Epidemic of People Shoving Meat Down Pants is not Close to Stopping

There is an increase in meat products being stolen which shows there is a great need for EAS technology to protect stores from these losses. Click on the link above to read an article by Consumerist.

West Virginia Supermarkets Dealing with Spike in Meat Thefts

Supermarket meats are being stolen and resold to restaurents. Surveillance camera are not doing enough, better technology is needed to prevent these losses. Check out the article by Consumerist.

Grocery Stores Selling More Health & Beauty Care Products

After years of losing Health & Beauty Care (HBC) business to drug store chains and mass merchandisers, grocery stores are seeing encouraging signs of life in their HBC sales. Shoppers are increasingly making HBC purchases during their routine grocery shopping trips.

Checkpoint Systems' iS AutoPeg Tag at more than 3,000 Retailers

The iS AutoPeg Tag was designed for razor blades and other high-risk items displayed on peg hooks. It snaps quickly and safely on single- or double-hole packaging and can be easily removed at point of sale for reuse.


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