Every store and business is different, and Ameritag understands that. That’s why our approach is to customize solutions for every client. We take into account your budget, aesthetics and merchandising schemes, and we consult with you to determine the best theft-detection strategy and system. ”

So, while one answer may not apply to all clients and prospects, here are some of the questions most commonly asked of Ameritag.
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Q. What kind of outlet/power do I need?
A. Typically, standard 110 volt outlets are suitable and there’s no need for an electrician or hard-wiring.

Q. How quickly can tags and supplies be shipped?
A. In-stock items often ship the same day we receive your order.

Q. How soonafter contacting you could I schedule an installation?
A. Depending on product and technician availability, your installation could take place within one to two weeks.

Q. What is the typical return on investment?
A. The typical ROI for installing a theft-detection system in a retail environment is 10 months.

Q. What kind of system do I need? Door- or floor-mounted?
A. Every store and business has its own budget aesthetics and merchandising schemes; Ameritag would consult with you to determine the best solution to work with both.


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